August 5, 2019

"Such an amazing shop. Trinidad has been doing work on my arm and can free hand like no other. Also, Nick is the best person to go to for piercings. He makes everything so relaxing and calming. They have the best atmosphere there and makes getting a tattoo or piercing so much fun. Anything you need done this shop can do it for you!"
August 1, 2019

"What can I say, a lot actually. This tattoo shop raised the bar and any expectations I have for future tattoos. Two weeks ago I walked in and spoke with Nick about an idea I had for my next ink. The enthusiasm he displayed was incredible, but not in an overwhelming way to take over the idea I had. We decided on the rough details; the must haves, but let him do his artistic thing.__A few days before the scheduled tattoo day Nick sent me his drawing, and somehow he hit 99.9% of the idea I had in my head. Fast forward to day of, I requested some slight changes and without a hesitation they were made and off he went. Nick is very meticulous about everything; table prep, needle prep, color prep, everything prep.__The staff was amazing, just by observation I could see they were a team. Checking out progress, communicating ideas..... I just have never been in such a well ran tattoo shop ever, and I've been to many over the years.__Trust Nick, trust Tribe, I can't say enough great things."
July 30, 2019

July 30, 2019

"Dope vibes and great art!"
July 30, 2019

"Went to the shop wanting something very specific and Trinidad created a tattoo that was exactly was what I was looking for and turned out better than I even expected. Can’t wait to have more work done by him in the future. The shop was relaxed and everyone was friendly. It was clean, organized and everyone seemed to take their job seriously but also had fun doing it. Would definitely recommend "