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The T.R.I.B.E. Zoo, LLC Tattoo is your destination for amazing tattoos, professional body piercings, artistic design services, tattoo removal and more. We work one-on-one with our customers to make sure they’re projecting an image of themselves that’s truly personal and exceptionally unique. Stop in today to speak with our artists and to schedule your tattoo or piercing appointment!

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Fresh Ink From True Artists

Sick of tattoo shops that turn out the same tired designs, from unimaginative artists who just follow the trends? If you want a truly unique tattoo, done by an amazing artist, in a style and design that’s truly fresh and unique, The T.R.I.B.E. Zoo, LLC Tattoo welcomes you. Our tattoo shop in Cheyenne, WY was founded on the idea of individualism—we help our customers discover their own unique style, no matter what it may be. From photorealistic portraits, to lighthearted cartoon images, traditional tattoo styles to modern styles like biomech and watercolors, and beyond, we welcome every style of art at our shop. Bring us your designs or let us create one for you—either way, we promise you’ll be blown away by the results.

We’re also your destination for safe, experienced, professional body piercing in Cheyenne, WY. Our shop abides by the highest sanitary standards and industry best practices, to ensure you’re getting a piercing that’s safe and done right, to avoid infection and complications. We even go out of our way to provide you with aftercare products to ensure it comes out looking great. Got a piercing or tattoo you regret? We can help with that too! We offer Red Sparrow tattoo removal, which utilizes state-of-the-art laser technology to safely fade your existing tattoo. Whatever your body modification needs, visit The T.R.I.B.E. Zoo, LLC Tattoo. We welcome you and your style!

Graphic Design

graphic design needs Cheyenne WY

In addition to tattoos, our artists are also available to lend their talents to your graphic design needs. We design for private customers, as well as businesses and organizations seeking unique, professionally-designed images. From logos to branded images, commissioned painting and mural and beyond, we’re artists first and foremost, welcoming your design requests!

We do in-house graphic design work and have a full staff of talented artists to create unique images for you.

  • Our shop offers Red Sparrow laser tattoo removal via a trained and certified laser technician.
  • We offer free consultations and quotes on tattoos and tattoo removal.
  • From consultation to aftercare and beyond, we’re your complete tattoo and piercing shop. We look out for our customers!

Express Yourself

From a new piercing to a work of art tattooed on your skin, we’re here to help you create the personal style that exemplifies you. Contact us today to schedule a tattoo or piercing appointment.

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