Mario Diaz

Mario Diaz the son of Cuban immigrants, born and raised in Miami, FL has always had a yearning for freedom, artistically and geographically. Which makes perfect sense why he has decided to call Wyoming his new home. His love for art really started to develop when he visited the Louvre Museum in Paris at the young age of 8, and was immediately inspired by DaVinci, Michelangelo, and many other renaissance and Victorian era painters and sculptors. Drawing and painting always came natural to him, but it wasn’t until he started feeling the sweet sting of the tattoo needle that he started immersing himself in the tattoo world in 2001. His tattoo artist journey started in 2007 as a hobby and side hustle to help support him and his daughter. Working in construction, tow trucks, then eventually as a server and finally his last job as a bartender, he decided to dedicate his time solely to his art and craft in 2016. Tattooing full time since then has become his only passion and obsession sometimes tattooing 340-350 days of the year (‘20-‘22).